The dwarf emerges from the back room carrying a ledger and an ink pen while you are still analyzing the map. He carefully lays the old leather bound document on his desk and delicately turns the pages, licking his thumb after each leaf. You see columns after column of names and dates, each one written by a different hand. Finally he reaches a page where the columns stop.

The dwarf hands you the pen and spins the ledger to face you. “Sign and date here.”

You ink your name into the book and put a date in the next column. The dwarf offers his hand in greeting.

“Welcome to the Society initiate. May Iomedae have mercy on your soul. A venture captain will be in contact with you about your first mission as soon as something worthy of your….eh….skills presents itself. Till then, get out of my office. I have some reading to do.”

Character Creation


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