Character Creation

The Pathfinder world of Golarion is pretty big and detailed, but you need not have read the entire history of the world or know all about Absalom to play in the game. It is a fantasy world, like many others. Most of the tropes you know and love are true here and you will learn about the world as we play.

The Basics:

You are member of the Pathfinder Society, a guild of explorers and adventurers whose goal is to collect lost knowledge and artifacts. The society’s headquarters is in the city of Absalom, the biggest and most influential city on Golarion.

You can reference the Pathfinder Society Reference Document to start making your character.


Pathfinder Society uses a 20 point heroic fantasy buy to select your statistics.


You may select any skills from the core rulebook


Certain Core Rulebook feats are not available to Pathfinder Society characters. These include: Brew Potion, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Rod, Craft Staff, Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Item, Forge Ring, Leadership, and Scribe Scroll.

Choose a Faction

The Pathfinder Society is open to all manner of heroes and adventurers. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that many different factions have formed within the society itself. Select one faction that your character belongs to.


Members of the Andoran faction seek to topple tyrants from within, aiding dissidents and freedom fighters with equipment, funds, or intelligence. They are fierce foes of slavery and can take extreme measures against those that buy and sell people.


The promise of power and riches lures many to the Cheliax faction, which seeks to spread the faith and order of Asmodeus across the Inner Sea and beyond.

The Grand Lodge:

Holding themselves above the petty squabbles of outsiders, this faction maintains the strongest allegiance to the Decemvirate, the masked leaders of the Pathfinder Society.

The Lantern Lodge:

Representing the interests of the distant Dragon Empires, this faction sponsors expeditions to the other side of the world in search of arcane and cultural riches.


The deserts of Osirion have been written off as a nation lost to history, no longer a force to be reckoned with. The Ruby Prince Khemet III, personal sponsor of the faction, seeks to reacquire secrets and artifacts of Osirion’s lost glory in an effort to reclaim his nation’s destiny.

The Sczarni:

Not all Pathfinders serve the Society with pure hearts, and members of this faction are not above using their missions for a bit of personal gain.

The Shadow Lodge:

A rogue movement within the Society, the Shadow Lodge only recently emerged from shadow and skullduggery to openly encourage the Decemvirate not to take their field agents for granted.

The Silver Crusade:

Composed largely of paladins, clerics, and other servants of good-aligned gods, members of the Silver Crusade faction seek to use the Society’s resources to further the cause of good in the world. They oppose factions who would drag the Society’s reputation through the mud in search of glory, and strive constantly to raise the morals of their fellow Pathf inders.


The Qadira faction seeks to control the commerce of the entire Inner Sea, breaking their enemies’ monopolies and enforcing their own. In the pursuit of this goal, they display a ruthlessness that can put the Chelaxians to shame. Often their missions involve the defamation of a rival or the disruption of another nation’s trade.


The mighty Taldan empire once spanned a significant portion of the Inner Sea, but their glory days are long over. They seek to reclaim it, not through conquest as their ancestors did, but by turning their enemies against one another and through political victories. And, of course, through Absalom.


Pathfinder Society characters begin play with two traits, minor in-game advantages tied to their background in the campaign world. Characters choose their traits from six different categories: basic, campaign, race, region, and religion. A character can have only one trait from each category (or subcategory, in the case of basic traits, which fall into the areas of combat, faith, magic, and social). Your character’s choice of faction opens up additional trait choices presented below. These faction traits count as campaign traits. In effect, the faction traits are the campaign traits for Pathfinder Society Organized Play. No other campaign traits from any source are legal for characters to choose. In order to select a faction trait, your character must belong to the associated faction.

Trait Selection

Campaign Traits

See the Pathfinder Society Players Guide I emailed to you for a list of faction traits. For this campaign, faction traits are the Campaign Traits.

Character Creation

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