A Real Page Turner

You drop the small volumes on the dwarf’s desk with a sense of pride. He jumps slightly and looks up from his research, obviously having forgotten you were even in the office.

“Oh, you again.” He glances at the books. “I see…well. Not many have the patience to make it through that entire book. I frequently have to fish them out of the waste bin outside. In fact, I think that may be where that interesting mustard stain on the back cover of yours came from. Anyway, take the books. The are yours. Now….”

He slides carefully from his desk again, this time pulling a large, flat volume from beneath one leg of his musty chair.

“This, is an atlas of Golarion.” He blows a whirlwind of dust and dirt from the cover. “Before the Pathfinder Society, sea traders and merchants would trade scraps of map here and there…some even constructing maps of entire coastlines. Now, as part of our charter, our members explore and report back, allowing us to create some of the most accurate maps since the time of the Azlanti. Study these while I go get something from the back.”

A Brief Geography of Golarion


A Real Page Turner

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